Essential sources in the scientific study of consciousness / edited by Bernard J. Baars, William P. Banks, and James B. Newman.

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Other Authors: Baars, Bernard J., Banks, William P., Newman, James B.
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Published: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, ©2003.
Series:Bradford book.
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • Sources
  • 1. Introduction: Treating Consciousness as a Variable: The Fading Taboo / Bernard J. Baars
  • I. Overview
  • 2. Consciousness: Respectable, Useful, and Probably Necessary / George Mandler
  • 3. Consciousness and Neuroscience / Francis Crick and Christof Koch
  • II. Consciousness in Vision
  • 4. Feature Binding, Attention and Object Perception / Anne Treisman
  • 5. Effects of Sleep and Arousal on the Processing of Visual Information in the Cat / Margaret S. Livingstone and David H. Hubel
  • 6. The Role of Temporal Cortical Areas in Perceptual Organization / D.L. Sheinberg and N.K. Logothetis
  • 7. Investigating Neural Correlates of Conscious Perception by Frequency-Tagged Neuromagnetic Responses / Guilio Tononi, Ramesh Srinivasan, D. Patrick Russell, and Gerald M. Edelman
  • 8. Temporal Binding, Binocular Rivalry, and Consciousness / Andreas K. Engel, Pascal Fries, Pieter R. Roelfsema, Peter Konig, Michael Brecht, and Wolf Singer
  • 9. Disconnected Awareness for Detecting, Processing, and Remembering in Neurological Patients / L. Weiskrantz
  • 10. Blindsight in Monkeys / Alan Cowey and Petra Stoerig
  • 11. Hemisphere Deconnection and Unity in Conscious Awareness / R.W. Sperry
  • 12. Separate Visual Pathways for Perception and Action / M.A. Goodale and A.D. Milner
  • 13. Consciousness and Isomorphism: Can the Color Spectrum Really Be Inverted? / Stephen E. Palmer
  • III. Attention: Selecting One Conscious Stream among Many
  • 14. Strategies and Models of Selective Attention / Anne M. Treisman
  • 15. Inattentional Blindness versus Inattentional Amnesia for Fixated but Ignored Words / Geraint Rees, Charlotte Russell, Christopher D. Frith, and Jon Driver
  • 16. Aspects of a Theory of Comprehension, Memory, and Attention / Donald G. MacKay
  • 17. To See or Not to See: The Need for Attention to Perceive Changes in Scenes / Ronald A. Rensink, J. Kevin O'Regan, and James J. Clark
  • 18. Function of the Thalamic Recticular Complex: The Searchlight Hypothesis / Francis Crick
  • 19. Selective Attention Gates Visual Processing in the Extrastriate Cortex / Jeffrey Moran and Robert Desimone
  • 20. Attention: The Mechanisms of Consciousness / Michael I. Posner
  • 21. Attention, Awareness, and the Triangular Circuit / David LaBerge
  • IV. Immediate Memory: The Fleeting Conscious Present
  • 22. The Information Available in Brief Visual Presentations / George Sperling
  • 23. The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information / George A. Miller
  • 24. The Control of Short-Term Memory / Richard C. Atkinson and Richard M. Shiffrin
  • 25. Verbal and Visual Subsystems of Working Memory / Alan D. Baddeley
  • 26. The Prefrontal Landscape: Implications of Functional Architecture for Understanding Human Mentation and the Central Executive / P.S. Goldman-Rakic
  • 27. Storage and Executive Processes in the Frontal Lobes / Edward E. Smith and John Jonides
  • 28. Consciousness and Cognition May Be Mediated by Multiple Independent Coherent Ensembles / E. Roy John, Paul Easton, and Robert Isenhart
  • V. Internal Sources: Visual Images and Inner Speech
  • 29. Aspects of a Cognitive Neuroscience of Mental Imagery / S.M. Kosslyn
  • 30. The Neural Basis of Mental Imagery / Martha J. Farah
  • 31. Experimental Studies of Ongoing Conscious Experience / Jerome L. Singer
  • 32. Verbal Reports on Thinking / K. Anders Ericcson and Herbert A. Simon
  • VI. Below the Threshold of Sensory Consciousness
  • 33. Distinguishing Conscious from Unconscious Perceptual Processes / Jim Cheesman and Philip M. Merikle
  • 34. The Psychological Unconscious: A Necessary Assumption for All Psychological Theory? / Howard Shevrin and Scott Dickman
  • 35. Brain Stimulation in the Study of Neuronal Functions for Conscious Sensory Experiences / B. Libet
  • VII. Consciousness and Memory
  • 36./ Memory and Consciousness / Endel Tulving
  • 37. Conscious Recollection and the Human Hippocampal Formation: Evidence from Positron Emission Tomography / Daniel L. Schachter, Nathaniel M. Alpert, Cary R. Savage, Scott L. Rauch, and Marilyn S. Albert
  • 38. Implicit Learning and Tacit Knowledge / Arthur S. Reber
  • 39. Attention, Automatism, and Consciousness / Richard M. Shiffrin
  • 40. When Practice Makes Imperfect: Debilitating Effects of Overlearning / Ellen J. Langer and Lois G. Imber
  • 41. The Neural Correlates of Consciousness: An Analysis of Cognitive Skill Learning / Marcus E. Raichle
  • 42. Availability: A Heuristic for Judging Frequency and Probability / Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman
  • 43. Experiences of Remembering, Knowing, and Guessing / John M. Gardiner, Cristina Ramponi, and Alan Richardson-Klavehn
  • 44. Measuring Recollection: Strategic versus Automatic Influences of Associative Context / Larry L. Jacoby
  • VIII. Unconscious and "Fringe" Processes
  • 45. The Conscious "Fringe": Bringing William James up to Date / Bruce Mangan
  • 46. The Fundamental Role of Context: Unconscious Shaping of Conscious Information / Bernard J. Baars
  • 47. The Cognitive Unconscious / John F. Kihlstrom
  • 48. Pain and Dissociation in the Cold Pressor Test: A Study of Hypnotic Analgesia with "Hidden Reports" through Automatic Key Pressing and Automatic Talking / Ernest R. Hilgard, Arlene H. Morgan, and Hugh Macdonald
  • 49. Anosognosia in Parietal Lobe Syndrome / V.S. Ramachandran
  • 50. Implications for Psychiatry of Left and Right Cerebral Specialization: A Neurophysiological Context for Unconscious Processes / David Galin
  • IX. Consciousness as a State: Waking, Deep Sleep, Coma, Anesthesia, and Dreaming
  • 51. Brain Stem Reticular Formation and Activation of the EEG / G. Moruzzi and H.W. Magoun
  • 52. Anatomical and Physiological Substrates of Arousal / Arnold B. Scheibel
  • 53. On the Neurophysiology of Consciousness: An Overview / Joseph E. Bogen
  • 54. An Information Processing Theory of Anaesthesia / H. Flohr
  • 55. Toward a Unified Theory of Narcosis: Brain Imaging Evidence for a Thalamocortical Switch as the Neurophysiologic Basis of Anesthetic-Induced Unconsciousness / M.T. Alkire, R.J. Haier, and J.H. Fallon
  • 56. The Relation of Eye Movements during Sleep to Dream Activity: An Objective Method for the Study of Dreaming / William Dement and Nathaniel Kleitman
  • 57. The Brain as a Dream State Generator: An Activation-Synthesis Hypothesis of the Dream Process / J. Allan Hobson and Robert W. McCarley
  • 58. Lucid Dreaming Verified by Volitional Communication during REM Sleep / Stephen P. LaBerge, Lynn E. Nagel, William C. Dement, and Vincent P. Zarcone, Jr.
  • 59. Commentary: Of Dreaming and Wakefulness / R.R. Llinas and D. Pare
  • X. Theory
  • 60. Consciousness and Complexity / Giulio Tononi and Gerald M. Edelman
  • 61. Brain Learning, Attention, and Consciousness / Stephen Grossberg
  • 62. A Global Competitive Network for Attention / J.G. Taylor and F.N. Alavi
  • 63. Time-Locked Multiregional Retroactivation: A Systems-Level Proposal for the Neural Substrates of Recall and Recognition / Antonio R. Damasio
  • 64. Visual Feature Integration and the Temporal Correlation Hypothesis / Wolf Singer and Charles M. Gray
  • 65. Metaphors of Consciousness and Attention in the Brain / Bernard J. Baars
  • 66. How Does a Serial, Integrated, and Very Limited Stream of Consciousness Emerge from a Nervous System That Is Mostly Unconscious, Distributed, Parallel, and of Enormous Capacity? / Bernard J. Baars
  • 67. A Neural Global Workspace Model for Conscious Attention / James Newman, Bernard J. Baars, and Sung-Bae Cho
  • 68. A Software Agent Model of Consciousness / Stan Franklin and Art Graesser
  • Index.