Media and ethnic minorities / Valerie Alia and Simone Bull.

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Main Author: Alia, Valerie, 1942-
Other Authors: Bull, Simone
Format: eBook
Published: Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, ©2005.
Series:Media topics.
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100 1 |a Alia, Valerie,  |d 1942-  |1 
245 1 0 |a Media and ethnic minorities /  |c Valerie Alia and Simone Bull. 
260 |a Edinburgh :  |b Edinburgh University Press,  |c ©2005. 
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490 1 |a Media topics 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 |a The rise and rise of imputed filth -- Nanook, Nyla and their successors : representations from the outside -- Internalising 'outsider' representations : the Once Were Warriors syndrome -- Cultures of silence--media denial of colonial oppression -- From colonisation to cultural revival : homeland, Diaspora, and the 'New Media Nation' -- Reciprocal seeing -- Ethnic roots, diasporic routes, and resistance from below. 
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520 |a This book addresses cross-cultural representations of ethnic minority peoples by dominant society 'outsiders' and indigenous self-representation in the context of the 'New Media Nation'. In doing so, it explores the role of language, culture, identity and media in liberation struggles and the emergence of new political entities, and opens up issues of colonial oppression to public debate. It is intended to help inform policy in a variety of settings. Grounded in current perspectives on diaspora and homeland and drawing on Alia's work on minorities, media and identity as well as Bull's work on Maori socio-cultural issues and criminalisation of minorities, this volume offers a comparative, international perspective on the experiences of a broad range of ethnic minority peoples. These include Inuit and First Nations people in Canada; Native Americans and African Americans in the United States; SÃŁmi in northern Europe; Maori in New Zealand; Aboriginal people in Australia and Roma in Ireland and Britain. Key Features Teaching and learning exercises accompany each chapter Includes recommendations for further reading, listening and viewing Contains a comprehensive list of ethnic minority media in the UK. 
650 0 |a Indigenous peoples and mass media. 
650 0 |a Minorities in mass media. 
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650 7 |a Massenmedien  |2 gnd 
650 7 |a Nationale Minderheit  |2 gnd 
650 7 |a Ethnische Gruppe  |2 gnd 
650 7 |a Minorities in mass media.  |2 nli 
650 7 |a Indigenous peoples and mass media.  |2 nli 
650 7 |a Iwi taketake.  |2 reo 
700 1 |a Bull, Simone. 
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776 0 8 |i Print version:  |a Alia, Valerie, 1942-  |t Media and ethnic minorities.  |d Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, ©2005  |z 0748620680  |z 0748620699  |w (OCoLC)61176685 
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