Diseases of tropical fruit crops / edited by Randy C. Ploetz.

This book offers a comprehensive review of diseases of important tropical and some subtropical fruit crops. The history, distribution, importance, aetiology, epidemiology and control of diseases of each host crop are covered, along with brief summaries of the taxonomy, origins and characteristics of...

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Other Authors: Ploetz, Randy C.
Format: eBook
Published: Wallingford, Oxon, UK ; Cambridge, MA, USA : CABI Pub., ©2003.
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Table of Contents:
  • Dedication / R.C. Ploetz and J.A. Menge
  • Preface / R.C. Ploetz
  • Foreword / C.W. Campbell
  • 1. Common Pathogens of Tropical Fruit Crops / R.C. Ploetz, T.-K. Lim, J.A. Menge, K.G. Rohrbach and T.J. Michailides
  • 2. Diseases of Atemoya, Cherimoya, Soursop, Sugar Apple and Related Fruit Crops / R.C. Ploetz
  • 3. Diseases of Avocado / J.A. Menge and R.C. Ploetz
  • 4. Diseases of Banana and Plantain / R.C. Ploetz, J.E. Thomas and W.R. Slabaugh
  • 5. Diseases of Breadfruit, Jackfruit and Related Fruit Crops / S. Sangchote, J.G. Wright and G.I. Johnson
  • 6. Diseases of Carambola / Sepiah Ploetz, R.C. Ploetz and A.W. Cooke
  • 7. Diseases of Citrus / L.W. Timmer, S.M. Garnsey and P. Broadbent
  • 8. Diseases of Coconut / N.A. Harrison and P. Jones
  • 9. Diseases of Date / R.C. Ploetz, H.D. Ohr, J.B. Carpenter and Y. Pinkas
  • 10. Diseases of Durian / T.-K. Lim and S. Sangchote
  • 11. Diseases of Fig / T.J. Michailides
  • 12. Diseases of Guava / T.-K. Lim and B.Q. Manicom
  • 13. Diseases of Kiwifruit / B.A. Latorre and H.A. Pak
  • 14. Diseases of Longan, Lychee and Rambutan / L.M. Coates, S. Sangchote, G.I. Johnson and C. Sittigul
  • 15. Diseases of Mango / R.C. Ploetz
  • 16. Diseases of Mangosteen / T.-K. Lim and S. Sangchote
  • 17. Diseases of Papaya / D.M. Persley and R.C. Ploetz
  • 18. Diseases of Passion Fruit / B.Q. Manicom, C. Ruggiero, R.C. Ploetz and A. de Goes
  • 19. Diseases of Pineapple / K.G. Rohrbach and D. Schmitt
  • 20. Management of Tropical Fruit Diseases: Current Overview and Future Outlook / R.C. Ploetz, L.W. Timmer and S.M. Garnsey
  • App. I. Microbe Taxa, Authorities and Synonyms
  • App. II. Plant Taxa, Authorities and Common Names
  • App. III. Insect and Acarid Taxa, Authorities and Common Names.