School violence and primary prevention / Thomas W. Miller, editor.

Paralleling the public concern generated by high-profile school shootings and the growing dialogue about bullying, professionals in school and public health settings need effective strategies for preventing violence, treating victims, and assessing at-risk children. In School Violence and Primary Pr...

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Other Authors: Miller, Thomas W.
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Published: New York : Springer, ©2008.
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245 0 0 |a School violence and primary prevention /  |c Thomas W. Miller, editor. 
260 |a New York :  |b Springer,  |c ©2008. 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 |a School-related violence and prevention : editorial introduction / Thomas W. Miller -- Theory, assessment, and forms of school violence: School-related violence : definition, scope, and prevention goals / Thomas W. Miller and Robert F. Kraus. The neurobiology of violence and victimization / William P. French. Threat assessment in school violence / Connie Callahan. Social information processing and aggression in understanding school violence : an application of Crick and Dodge's model / Amy Nigoff. The roles of morality development and personal power in mass school shootings / Ken Kyle and Stephen Thompson. Multiple contextual levels of risk for peer victimization : a review with implications for prevention and intervention efforts / Noel A. Card, Jenny Isaacs, and Ernest V.E. Hodges. Assessment of childhood sexual abuse : clinical measures, evaluation, and treatment / Mark V. Sapp. Impact of trauma in school violence on the victim and the perpetrator : a mental health perspective / Lane J. Veltkamp and Amy Lawson. Boundary violations : harassment, exploitation, and abuse / Thomas W. Miller and Lane J. Veltkamp. Cliques and cults as a contributor to violence in the school environment / Thomas W. Miller, Thomas F. Holcomb, and Robert F. Kraus -- Teatment and prevention of violence in the schools: Violence in our schools / Matt Thompson, Bobbie Burcham, and Kathy McLaughlin. The role of teachers in school violence and bullying prevention / Jina S. Yoon and Elizabeth Barton. Developmental issues in the prevention of aggression and violence in school / Paul Boxer, Andrew Terranova, Sarah Savoy, and Sara E. Goldstein. Bullies and victims at school : perspectives and strategies for primary prevention / Christian Berger, Ramin Karimpour, and Philip C. Rodkin. The psychiatrist's role after a school shooting: the emergency room and beyond / Elissa P. Benedek and Praveen Kambam. Current perspectives on linking school bullying research to effective prevention strategies / Dorothy L. Espelage and Susan M. Swearer. School shootings in middle school, high school, and college : clinical management and school interventions for high-risk students / Thomas W. Miller, William Weitzel, and Janet Lane. Character education as a prevention strategy for school-related violence / Thomas W. Miller, Robert F. Kraus, and Lane J. Veltkamp. The bully free program : a profile for prevention in the school setting / Allan Beane, Thomas W. Miller, and Rick Spurling. A series of culturally relevant models to prevent school-age youth violence : a 4-year (2001-2005) family and community violence prevention study / Laxley W. Rodney, Rameshwar P. Srivastava, and Dana L. Johnson. Prevention of school violence : directions, summary, and conclusions / J. Robert McLaughlin and Thomas W. Miller. 
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520 |a Paralleling the public concern generated by high-profile school shootings and the growing dialogue about bullying, professionals in school and public health settings need effective strategies for preventing violence, treating victims, and assessing at-risk children. In School Violence and Primary Prevention, more than three dozen clinicians, counselors, educators, and researchers provide readers with multiple levels of understanding on the subject: the scope of school violence, possible roles of the home environment, and the contexts of child/teen/school culture. Various forms of student aggression and antisocial behavior--from bullying to sexual harassment to mass shootings (including the Virginia Tech massacre)--are discussed in depth, and the book evenly balances theoretical knowledge with practical applications from elementary school to college. Among the topics covered: School-based prevention strategies, from character education to the Bully Free Program. Developmental, trauma, and neurobiological perspectives on school violence. Sociocultural and cross-cultural approaches to prevention. Threat and risk assessment in individuals and schools. The roles of teachers and mental health personnel in prevention and intervention. Rarely explored areas including cliques, cults, body image issues, and the impact of violence on perpetrators. Matching the prevalence of the problem with its range of ideas, School Violence and Primary Prevention is critical reading for school professionals including teachers, counselors and administrators, medical and mental health professionals working with children, and makes a valuable graduate text in psychology, public health, and social epidemiology. 
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