Self : ancient and modern insights about individuality, life, and death / Richard Sorabji.

"Over the centuries, the idea of the self has both fascinated and confounded philosophers. From the ancient Greeks, who problematized issues of identity and self-awareness, to Locke and Hume, who popularized minimalist views of the self, to the efforts of postmodernists in our time to de-center...

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Main Author: Sorabji, Richard.
Format: Electronic
Published: Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.
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Table of Contents:
  • List of abbreviations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • pt. 1. Existence of self and philosophical development of the idea
  • 1. The self : is there such a thing?
  • 2. The varieties of self and philosophical development of the idea
  • pt. 2. Personal identity over time
  • 3. Same person in eternal recurrence, resurrection, and teletransportation
  • 4. Stoic fusion and modern fission : survival cannot depend on what happens to someone else
  • 5. Memory : Locke's return to Epicureans and stoics
  • pt. 3. Platonism : impersonal selves, bundles, and differentiation
  • 6. Is the true self individual in the Platonist tradition from Plato to Averroës?
  • 7. Bundles and differentiation of individuals
  • pt. 4. Identity and persona in ethics
  • 8. Individual persona vs. universalizability
  • 9. Plutarch : narrative and a whole life
  • 10. Self as practical reason : Epictetus' inviolable self and Aristotle's deliberate choice.
  • pt. 5. Self-awareness
  • 11. Impossibility of self-knowledge
  • 12. Infallibility of self-knowledge : Cogito and Flying Man
  • 13. Knowing self through others versus direct and invariable self-knowledge
  • 14. Unity of self-awareness
  • pt. 6. Ownerless streams of consciousness rejected
  • 15. Why I am not a stream of consciousness
  • 16. The debate between ancient Buddhism and the Nyaya school
  • pt. 7. Mortality and loss of self
  • 17. How might we survive death?
  • 18. Could we survive through time going in a circle?
  • 19. If we do not survive death, is it irrational to feel dismay?
  • Table of thinkers
  • Select bibliography of secondary literature
  • General index
  • Index locorum.