Self and world / Quassim Cassam.

Self and World is an exploration of the nature of self-awareness. Quassim Cassam challenges the widespread and influential view that we cannot be introspectively aware of ourselves as objects in the world. In opposition to the views of many empiricist and idealist philosophers, including Hume, Kant,...

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Main Author: Cassam, Quassim.
Format: Electronic
Published: Oxford : New York : Clarendon ; Oxford University Press, 1997.
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Table of Contents:
  • The Exclusion Thesis
  • The Self-Consciousness Argument
  • The Objectivity Argument
  • The Concept Version of the Objectivity Argument
  • Quasi-Memory
  • Geometrical Self-Location
  • The Intuition Version of the Objectivity Argument
  • Awareness of the Self 'Qua Subject'
  • Immunity to Error Through Misidentification
  • The Incompatibility Objection
  • Core-Self and Bodily Self
  • The Dispensability Objection
  • The Unity Argument
  • Unity and Objectivity
  • Transcendental Self-Consciousness
  • Personal Self-Consciousness
  • The Identity Argument
  • The First Concept Version of the Identity Argument
  • The Second Concept Version of the Identity Argument
  • The Problem of Misconception
  • The Intuition Version of the Identity Argument
  • Objections to (D2)
  • The Fifth Response and (D1)
  • Kant and the Identity Argument
  • The 'Logical' Identity of the 'I'
  • Reductionism and the Exclusion Thesis
  • Reductionism and the Objectivity Argument
  • Reductionism and the Identity Argument
  • Reductionism and the Unity of Consciousness.