Spectral sensing research for surface and air monitoring in chemical, biological and radiological defense and security applications / editors, Jean-Marc Theriault, James O. Jensen.

This book provides unique perspectives on the state of the art in multispectral/hyperspectral techniques for early-warning monitoring against chemical, biological and radiological (CB & R) contamination of both surface (e.g. land) and air (e.g. atmospheric) environments through the presentation...

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Corporate Author: International Symposium on Spectral Sensing Research Bar Harbor, Me.)
Other Authors: Thériault, Jean-Marc, 1954-, Jensen, James O.
Format: Electronic
Published: New Jersey : World Scientific, ©2009.
Series:Selected topics in electronics and systems ; v. 49.
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Table of Contents:
  • Infrared spectral signatures : creation of reference data for vapors and liquids / S. Sharpe [and others]
  • Passive standoff detection of surface contaminants : a novel approach by differential polarization FTIR spectrometry / J.-M. Thériault [and others]
  • Background contributions in direct and differential Fourier transform LWIR measurements : a comparative analysis / F. Bouffard and J.-M. Thériault
  • Signal processing of multicomponent raman spectra of particulate matter / J. Fochesatto and J. Sloan
  • Signature and signal generation aspects of explosive detection using Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy / R. Osiander [and others]
  • Novel application of passive standoff radiometry for the measurement of explosives / E. Puckrin [and others]
  • Detection and classification of organic and organophosphorus analyte on soil from reflection-absorption spectroscopy / T.A. Blake, P.L. Gassman and N.B. Gallagher
  • Support vector classification of land cover and benthic habitat from hyperspectral images / V. Manian and M. Velez-Reyes
  • Some effects of image segmentation on subspace-based and covariance-based detection of anomalous sub-pixel materials / C. Gittins [and others]
  • Advanced Responsive Tactically-Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer (ARTEMIS) design / T.W. Cooley [and others]
  • Eyesafe active imaging of hard targets : an overview of techniques under investigation by NVESD / B.W. Schilling [and others]
  • A high-resolution 2D imaging laser radar for occluded hard target viewing and identification / R.J. Grasso [and others]
  • Three dimensional flash ladar gocal planes and time dependent imaging / R. Stettner, H. Bailey and S. Silverman
  • Detection of invisible bacilli spores on surfaces using a portable SERS-based analyzer / S. Farquharson and F.E. Inscore
  • Detection and differentiation of spore and vegetative forms of Bacillus spp. using infrared spectroscopic methods / D. St. Amant [and others]
  • Spectral processing of laser-induced fluorescence from threatening biological aerosols / P. Lahaie [and others]
  • Standoff determination of bioaerosol size based on double scattering measurement with MFOV lidar; concept and numerical simulation / G. Roy and L.R. Bissonnette
  • Detection and identification of toxic chemical vapors in an open-air environment by a differential passive LWIR standoff technique / H. Lavoie, E. Puckrin and J.-M. Thériault
  • A pyramid-based block of skewers for pixel purity index for endmember extraction in hyperspectral imagery / C.-I. Chang [and others]
  • A compact eye-safe OPO pumped by a Nd:YAG microchip MOPA / J. Ding [and others]
  • Wide area spectrometric bioaerosol monitoring in Canada : from SINBAHD to biosense / J.-R. Simard [and others]
  • Computed Tomographic Imaging Spectrometer (CTIS) and a snapshot hyperspectral imager and polarimeter / J. Hartke [and others]
  • Hyperspectral imaging using chromotomography : a fieldable visible instrument for transient events / R.L. Bostick and G.P. Perram
  • Advanced hyperspectral algorithms for tactical target detection and discrimination / A. Schaum
  • the Canadian hyperspectral imager; current status and future developments / P. Fournier, T. Smithson and D. St-Germain
  • The hypertemporal-hyperspectral analysis test station
  • HYHATS / T. Old [and others]
  • Wavelength selective bolometer design / S. Han, J.-Y. Jung and D.P. Neikirk
  • Multisensory detection system for damage control and situational awareness / C.P. Minor [and others]
  • Inexpensive chemical defense network for a fixed site / J.A. Seely [and others]
  • Precision measurement of atmospheric trace constituents using a compact Fabry-Perot radiometer / W.S. Heaps, E.L. Wilson and E.M. Georgieva
  • Background characterization with a scanned Fourier transform spectrometer / A.K. Lazarevich, D.A. Oursler and D.D. Duncan
  • Spectral signatures of acetone vapor from ultraviolet to millimeter wavelengths / R.E. Peale [and others]
  • The Standoff Aerosol Active Signature Testbed (SAAST) at MIT Lincoln Laboratory / J.M. Richardson and J.C. Aldridge
  • Discrimination between natural dense dust clouds with IR spectral measurements / E. Agassi [and others]
  • Signal processing algorithms for staring single pixel hyperspectral sensors / D. Manolakis [and others]
  • Performance estimation tools for : Decoupling by Filtering of Temperature and Emissivity (DEFILTE), an algorithm for thermal hyperspectral image processing / P. Lahaie
  • Estimating the limit of bio-aerosol detection with passive infrared spectroscopy / A. Ifarraguerri, A. Ben-David and R.G. Vanderbeek
  • Eye safe polarization diversity LIDAR for aerosol studies : concept design and preliminary applications / J. Fochesatto [and others]
  • Aerosol type-identification using UV-NIR-IR LIDAR system / S. Egert and D. Peri
  • Rare-earth doped potassium lead bromide Mid-IR laser sources for standoff detection / K.C. Mandal [and others]
  • 3D deconvolution of vibration corrupted hyperspectral images / A.H. Webster, M.R. Davenport and J.-P. Ardouin.