Jacob's ladder : essays on experiences of the ineffable in the context of contemporary psychotherapy / Josephine Klein.

In this fascinating work, Josephine Klein considers mysticism - a world of ineffable experience - to see if it might have anything to teach those in the therapeutic world and invites the reader to look at newer ways of psychoanalytic thinking. She uses artists and writers of the past to help illumin...

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Main Author: Klein, Josephine
Format: eBook
Published: London ; New York : Karnac, 2003.
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Table of Contents:
  • COVER; CONTENTS; CHAPTER ONE: Introduction--Bach and Handel, transparency and quiddity; CHAPTER TWO: Methodology, language, focus, limits, assumptions, method; CHAPTER THREE: To sing in the presence of a lion--to talk about the ineffable; CHAPTER FOUR: The experience of the Holy: Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans; CHAPTER FIVE: Unselfish love--some theories; CHAPTER SIX: Love, some examples; CHAPTER SEVEN: Blurred boundaries and bliss, union, communion and projective processes; CHAPTER EIGHT: Beyond between within above--spatial metaphors and the intersect; CHAPTER NINE: Processes in the intersect.
  • CHAPTER TEN: Will and attentionCHAPTER ELEVEN: Narcissism--the mystics' remedy; REFERENCES; INDEX.