The poems of William Wordsworth : Volume 3 / collected reading texts from the Cornell Wordsworth series. edited by Jared Curtis.

This is a collection of William Wordsworth's poetry.

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Main Author: Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850
Other Authors: Curtis, Jared R., 1936-
Format: eBook
Published: Penrith : Humanities-Ebooks, ©2009.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover
  • Licence and Use
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Note on the Text
  • Shorter Poems (1807â€?1820)
  • “Mark the concentred Hazels that encloseâ€?
  • “The Shepherd, looking eastward, softly saidâ€?
  • “Eveâ€?s lingering clouds extend in solid barsâ€?
  • Sonnet on Milton
  • Elegiac Stanzas (for George and Sarah Green),
  • “A few bold Patriots, Reliques of the Fightâ€?
  • “Say, what is Honour?â€?Tis the finest senseâ€?
  • Composed while the Author was Engaged in Writing a Tract, Occasioned by the Convention of Cintra, 1808Composed at the Same Time, and on the Same Occasion
  • “Hail, Zaragoza! If with unwet eyeâ€?
  • 1810
  • “Call not the royal Swede unfortunateâ€?
  • “Look now on that Adventurer who hath paidâ€?
  • “Is there a Power that can sustain and cheerâ€?
  • “Brave Schill! by death delivered, take thy flightâ€?
  • Feelings of the Tyrolese
  • “Alas! what boots the long, laborious questâ€?
  • “And is it among rude untutored Dalesâ€?
  • €œOâ€?er the wide earth, on mountain and on plainâ€?“Advanceâ€?come forth from thy Tyrolean groundâ€?
  • HÃ?ffer
  • On the Final Submission of the Tyrolese
  • [Epitaphs Translated from Chiabrera]
  • “True is it that Ambrosio Salineroâ€?
  • “Not without heavy grief of heart did Heâ€?
  • “Pause, courteous Spirit!â€?Balbi supplicatesâ€?
  • “There never breathed a man who when his lifeâ€?
  • “Destined to war from very infancyâ€?
  • “Weep not, beloved Friends! nor let the airâ€?
  • “Perhaps some needful service of the Stateâ€?
  • €œO Thou who movest onward with a mindâ€?“O Lelius, beauteous flower of gentlenessâ€?
  • “Torquato Tasso rests within this Tombâ€?
  • “O flower of all that springs from gentle bloodâ€?
  • The Oak of Guernica
  • Supposed Address to the Same, 1810
  • “In due observance of an ancient riteâ€?
  • Feelings of a Noble Biscayan
  • 1810 ('O'erweening Statesmen')
  • “Avaunt all specious pliancy of mindâ€?
  • Indignation of a High-minded Spaniard. 1810
  • The French, and the Spanish Guerillas
  • Spanish Guerillas. 1811
  • €œThe martial courage of a day is vainâ€?â€?Conclusion. 1811
  • 1811 The power of armies ...
  • On a Celebrated Event in Ancient History
  • Upon the Same Event
  • Upon the Sight of a Beautiful Picture
  • Departure from the Vale of Grasmere
  • [Epistle to Sir George Howland Beaumont, Bart. From the South-west Coast of Cumberland, â€?1811]
  • To the Poet, Dyer
  • Written with a Slate-pencil, on a Stone, on the Side of the Mountain of Black Comb
  • View from the Top of Black Comb