The poems of William Wordsworth : Volume 1 / collected reading texts from the Cornell Wordsworth series. edited by Jared Curtis.

This is a collection of William Wordsworth's poetry.

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Main Author: Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850
Other Authors: Curtis, Jared R., 1936-
Format: eBook
Published: Penrith : Humanities-Ebooks, ©2009.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover
  • Licence and Use
  • Title page
  • Copyright Notice
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements and Note on the Text
  • Early Poems and Fragments (1785â€?1797)
  • Lines on the Bicentenary of Hawkshead School
  • Anacreon Imitated
  • The Death of the Starling. Catullus
  • “My Lesbia let us love and liveâ€?
  • Beauty and Moonlight An Ode Fragment
  • “And will you leave me thus aloneâ€?
  • On the death of an unfortunate Lady.
  • A Winterâ€?s Eveningâ€? Fragment of an Ode to winter
  • Sonnet written by Mr â€?â€?â€? immediately after the death of his WifeSonnet, on seeing Miss Helen Maria Williams weep at a Tale of Distress.
  • The Dogâ€?An Idyllium
  • “Here M. â€?â€?â€?â€?sleep[s] who livâ€?d a patriarchâ€?s daysâ€?
  • [The Vale of Esthwaite]
  • [Extracts from The Vale of Esthwaite]
  • Various Extracts from The vale of Esthwaite
  • Pity (“What thoâ€? my griefs must never flowâ€?)
  • “melancholy joyâ€?
  • Pity (“Now too while oâ€?er the heart we feelâ€?)
  • “In Evening tints of joy [arrayâ€?d]â€?
  • €œHow sweet at Eveâ€?s still hour the songâ€?Vale longum vale. Sentiments of Affection for inanimate Nature
  • “But cease my Soul ah! cease to pryâ€?
  • Evening Sounds
  • Description of a dying storm
  • Scenes
  • “What from the social chain can tearâ€?
  • “How sweet in Lifeâ€?s tear-glistering mornâ€?
  • “Come thou in robe of darkest blueâ€? [To Melpomene]
  • Hope
  • Torrent
  • “Hoarse sound the swoln and angry floodsâ€?
  • “The moaning owl shall soonâ€?
  • “I the whileâ€?
  • “On tiptoe forward as I leanâ€?d aghastâ€?
  • Death a Dirge
  • Dirge Sung by a Minstrel[Shipwreck of the Soul]
  • [Evening Sonnets]
  • Horace To Apollo
  • [Lament for Bion (from Moschus)]
  • From the Greek
  • [Septimius and Acme]
  • [Lines on Milton]
  • “If grief dismiss me not to them that restâ€?
  • Translation ['From the French'].
  • “The western clouds a deepening gloom displayâ€?
  • Inscription for a seat by the pathway side ascending to Windy Brow
  • “Thou who with youthful vigour rich, and lightâ€?
  • Septimi, Gades
  • [Ode] (from Horace)
  • [Imitation of Juvenal, Satire VIII]
  • [Unplaced Lines for Imitation of Juvenal]“The hour-bell sounds and I must goâ€?
  • Address to the Ocean.
  • [Greyhound Ballad]
  • The Three Graves
  • An Evening Walk (1793)
  • Descriptive Sketches (1793)
  • Adventures on Salisbury Plain (1795â€?1799)
  • The Borderers (1797â€?1799)
  • The Ruined Cottage and The Pedlar (1798, 1803â€?1804)
  • The Ruined Cottage. A Poem.â€?
  • [Revised Ending for The Ruined Cottage]
  • The Pedlar
  • LYRICAL BALLADS and other poems 1797-1800
  • Lyrical Ballads 1798