For the Public Good : Highlights from the Institute of Medicine, 1970-1995.

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Published: Washington : Boulder : National Academies Press, NetLibrary, Incorporated [distributor] 1995 ;
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Table of Contents:
  • ""For the Public Good""; ""Copyright""; ""Preface""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Contents""; ""Introduction""; ""Organizational History, 1970â€?1995""; ""BEGINNINGS AND THE FIRST FIVE YEARS: 1970â€?1975""; ""Key Individuals During 1970â€?1975""; ""Program Efforts During 1970â€?1975""; ""Finances""; ""THE SECOND FIVE YEARS: 1975â€?1980""; ""Key Individuals During 1975â€?1980""; ""Program Efforts During 1975â€?1980""; ""Finances""; ""THE THIRD FIVE YEARS: 1980â€?1985""; ""Membership""; ""Program""; ""Key Individuals During 1980â€?1985""; ""Program Efforts During 1980â€?1985""; ""Finances""
  • ""THE FOURTH FIVE YEARS: 1985â€?1990""""Key Individuals During 1985â€?1990""; ""Program Efforts During 1985â€?1990""; ""Finances""; ""THE PRESENT: 1990â€?1995""; ""Key Individuals During 1990â€?1995""; ""Program Efforts""; ""Finances""; ""Areas of Special Concentration""; ""Quality of Care: A Quarter-Century of Work""; ""QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAMS""; ""HEALTH AND QUALITY-OF-CARE DATA AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS""; ""METHODOLOGIC ADVANCES""; ""QUALITY OF CARE AND SPECIAL POPULATIONS""; ""CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES""; ""RELATED WORK""; ""SUMMARY""; ""BIBLIOGRAPHY""
  • ""A Quarter-Century of Work on Quality of Care at the Institute of Medicine""""The Institute of Medicine, Quality of Care, and the Future of Health Care""; ""IOM'S PAST CONTRIBUTIONS""; ""IF IT WORKS, WHY FIX IT?""; ""THE PAYOFF TO IMPROVING THE COMMITTEE STRUCTURE""; ""REFERENCES""; ""Institute of Medicine Reports on the Health Work Force""; ""POLICIES AFFECTING THE SIZE AND COMPOSITION OF THE HEALTH WORK FORCE""; ""EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION OF THE HEALTH WORK FORCE""; ""SPECIFIC PROFESSIONS""; ""SUMMARY""; ""BIBLIOGRAPHY""; ""Health Work Force Policy""; ""PUBLIC INTEREST""
  • ""HISTORICAL CONTEXT""""NEW CIRCUMSTANCES""; ""EFFECTIVENESS OF WORK FORCE POLICIES""; ""ACCESS TO CARE AND THE WORK FORCE""; ""CONCLUDING COMMENTS""; ""REFERENCES""; ""The Health Work Force: Issues for Policy Analysis""; ""THE HEALTH WORK FORCE: METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES""; ""THE HEALTH WORK FORCE: POLICY ISSUES""; ""Financing the Training of the Health Work force""; ""The Content of Health Professional Training""; ""Regulation vs. Market""; ""CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONS""; ""NOTES""; ""Institute of Medicine Activities on Vaccines and Immunization""; ""VACCINE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT""
  • ""VACCINE SAFETY""""IMMUNIZATION PRACTICES""; ""OTHER WORKSHOP ACTIVITIES""; ""SUMMARY""; ""BIBLIOGRAPHY""; ""Vaccines and Emergent Infections""; ""Healing the Mindâ€?Body Split: Health Policy Addresses the Brain and Behavioral Sciences""; ""PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE""; ""INTEGRATING HEALTH AND BEHAVIOR""; ""CONTRIBUTIONS TO BASIC AND CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE""; ""CONCLUDING REMARKS""; ""ACKNOWLEDGMENTS""; ""BIBLIOGRAPHY""; ""Mental Health Policy: The Next 25 Years""; ""NOTES""; ""Biobehavioral Sciences and Health: The Institute of Medicine's Enduring Leadership""