Reading abstract expressionism : context and critique / edited and with an introduction by Ellen G. Landau.

"Abstract Expressionism is arguably the most important art movement in postwar America. Many of its creators and critics became celebrities, participating in heated public debates that were published in newspapers, magazines, and exhibition catalogues. This up-to-date anthology is the first com...

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Other Authors: Landau, Ellen G. (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: New Haven : Yale University Press, [2005]
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : abstract expressionism : changing methodologies for interpreting meaning
  • 1940s : mythologizing the movement
  • Excerpt from letter to his sister Vartoosh / Arshile Gorky
  • Excerpt from "Art in New York" / Adolph Gottlieb and Mark Rothko
  • Excerpts from "The modern painter's world" / Robert Motherwell
  • questionnaire / Jackson Pollock
  • Thesis / Norman Lewis
  • Application for a Guggenheim Fellowship / Jackson Pollock
  • ideographic picture / Barnett Newman
  • sublime is now / Barnett Newman
  • My painting / Jackson Pollock
  • romantics were prompted / Mark Rothko
  • Excerpts from System and dialectics of art / John Graham
  • Excerpt from "The realm of art : a new platform; 'globalism' pops into view" / Edward Alden Jewell
  • Excerpt from "Whither goes abstract and surrealist art? / Maude Riley
  • problem for critics / Howard Putzel
  • Editorial preface / Robert Motherwell and Harold Rosenberg
  • intrasubjectives / Samuel M. Kootz and Harold Rosenberg
  • 1950s : establishing authority
  • Excerpts from artists' sessions at Studio 35 / Edited by Robert Goodnough
  • David Smith makes a sculpture / Elaine de Kooning
  • Statement / Clyfford Still
  • de Kooning paints a picture / Thomas B. Hess
  • Artist's statement / Louise Bourgeois
  • legacy of Jackson Pollock / Allan Kaprow
  • In the galleries : Franz Kline / Martica Sawin
  • American action painters / Harold Rosenberg
  • "American-type painting" / Clement Greenberg
  • Excerpts from "The liberating quality of avant-garde art" / Meyer Schapiro
  • International reaction to Alfred H. Barr Jr., "The new American painting"
  • Revista / Mercedes Molleda
  • La Libre Belgique / L.D.H.
  • Le Phare / Unsigned
  • Der Tagesspiegel / Will Grohmann
  • 1960s : consolidating the canon
  • unwanted title : abstract expressionism / P.G. Pavia
  • We interview Lee Krasner / Louise Elliott Rago
  • abstract sublime / Robert Rosenblum
  • Excerpts from American abstract expressionists and imagists / H.H. Arnason
  • biomorphic '40s / Lawrence Alloway
  • Jackson Pollock / Michael Fried
  • Concerning the beginnings of the New York School, 1939-1943 : an interview with Peter Busa and Matta, conducted in Minneapolis in December 1966 / Sidney Simon
  • Concerning the beginnings of the New York School, 1939-1943 : an interview with Robert Motherwell conducted in New York in January 1967 / Sidney Simon
  • 1970s : emerging contexts and closer readings
  • Jungian aspects of Jackson Pollock's imagery / Judith Wolfe
  • Residual sign systems in abstract expressionism / Lawrence Alloway
  • Robert Motherwell's Elegies to the Spanish Republic / Robert C. Hobbs
  • Excerpt from "Abstract expressionism : the politics of apolitical painting," part 3 / David Shapiro and Cecile Shapiro
  • Graham, Gorky, de Kooning and the "Ingres revival" in America / Melvin P. Lader
  • Symbolic pregnance in Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still / Donald B. Kuspit
  • 1980s : reading new significations
  • new adventures of the avant-garde in America : Greenberg, Pollock, or from Trotskyism to the New Liberalism of the "vital center" / Serge Guilbaut
  • James Joyce and the first generation New York School / Evan R. Firestone
  • market for abstract expressionism : the time lag between critical and commercial acceptance / A. Deirdre Robson
  • impact of Nietzsche and Northwest Coast Indian art on Barnett Newman's idea of redemption in the abstract sublime / W. Jackson Rushing
  • rhetoric of abstract expressionism / Ann Gibson
  • 1990s : re(de)fining abstract expressionism
  • Martha Graham and abstract expressionism / Stephen Polcari
  • "Introduction," "Abstract expressionism and Afro-American marginalisation," and "Dissent during the McCarthy period" / David Craven
  • Modern man discourse and the New York School / Michael Leja
  • In defense of abstract expressionism / T.J. Clark
  • Reconsidering the stain : on gender, identity, and New York School painting / Lisa Saltzman
  • Of the earth, the damned, and of the recreated : aspects of Clyfford Still's earlier work / David Anfam
  • Excerpt from "Water and lipstick : de Kooning in transition" / Richard Shiff
  • Barnett Newman's stripe paintings and Kabbalah : a Jewish take / Matthew Baigell
  • Arcadian nightmares : the evolution of David Smith and Dorothy Dehner's work at Bolton Landing / Joan M. Marter
  • crisis of the easel picture / Rosalind E. Krauss.