New Zealand and the Vietnam War : Politics and Diplomacy.

Starting with the first Indochina War in the 1950s, this historical analysis covers the story of New Zealand's relations with Vietnam up to the end of the Vietnam War in the 1970s. Exploring the diplomatic history of the engagement, which is not well known or understood, and showing that New Ze...

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Main Author: Rabel, Roberto.
Format: Electronic
Published: Chicago : Auckland University Press, 2005.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Contents; Preface; 1. New Zealand and the First Indochina War, 1945-54; 2. From Geneva to the Tonkin Gulf: A Decade of Decisions Deferred, 1954-64; 3. In the Cold War's Shadow: The Origins and Evolution of Domestic Debate About the Vietnam War, 1945-64; 4. 'An Acceptable Price to Pay': The Diplomacy of Combat Intervention in the Vietnam War, 1964-5; 5. The Domestic Politics of Combat Intervention, January-June 1965; 6. Part of the Way with LBJ: New Zealand Defers an Expanded Commitment, June 1965-December 1966.
  • 7. 'A War of Words': Defining the Domestic Political Debate about Vietnam, June-December 19658. The Domestic Politics of the Vietnam War in an Election Year, 1966; 9. Paying a Higher Premium: The Escalation of New Zealand's Military Effort, 1967-8; 10. Dialogue of the Deaf: The Domestic Politics of the Vietnam Conflict, 1967-8; 11. 'Concluding a Chapter': The Diplomacy of Military Disengagement from Vietnam, 1969-72; 12. The Fracturing of Foreign Policy Consensus, 1969-72; 13. New Zealand and the Ending of the Vietnam War, 1972-5.
  • 14. The Historical Significance of New Zealand's Vietnam ExperienceNotes; Bibliography; Index.