Jewish Bioethics : Rabbinic Law and Theology in their Social and Historical Contexts.

Presents the discourse in Jewish law and rabbinic literature on bioethical issues, highlighting practical problems in their socio-historical contexts.

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Main Author: Barilan, Yechiel Michael
Format: eBook
Published: New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Contents; An Overview, Explanations about Style and Acknowledgments; 1 Introduction; Judaism, Jewish Law, and Ethics; On Religion and Religious Law; Methodological Issues; 2 An Outline of "Jewish Bioethics"; From the Bible to the Talmud; The Secularization of Medicine; Toward a Rabbinic Definition of "Effective and Reliable" Therapies; The Fundamental Maxim of Recovering a Soul or Saving Life; Western and Rabbinic Meta-Narratives of Medical Ethics; 3 Health and Healthcare; Health, Regimens of Health, and Preventive Medicine; Sickness, Temporary Life, and Open-Ended Life.
  • "Visiting the Sick" and the Fundaments of Spiritual CareAn Outline of a Halakhic Model for Healthcare; Saving Life, Nursing Care, and Infertility Medicine: A Critical Appraisal of Contemporary Halakhah; The Value of Life and Setting Priorities in Healthcare; Risk and Futility; Circumcision and the Problem of Risk to Health; 4 Doctor-Patient Relationship; The Status of the Doctor and His or Her Duties; Truth Telling and Disclosure of "Bad News"; Refusing Medical Care and Coercive Treatment; Human Vulnerability in Feinstein's Responsum and Israeli Law; 5 The Human Body.
  • Unusual Anatomies and DisabilityBetween a Person and His or Her Body; The Dead Human Body (and a Comment on the Use of Animals); Medical Experiments on Humans; 6 Fertility and Very Early Prenatal Life; The Commandment and Value "Be Fertile and Increase"; Fertility and Its Control; Infertility Treatments; Artificial Insemination and Fertilization; The Status of Extracorporeal Embryos and Anthropoids; Surrogacy, Cloning, and the Essence of Parenting; 7 Childbirth and Abortion; A Historical Survey of the Discourse on Abortion; Feinstein's Philosophy of Halakhah, Abortion, and the holocaust.
  • Cesarean and Other Destructive Obstetric SurgeriesContemporary Teachings on Abortion; Lessons from the Rabbinic Discourse on Abortion; 8 Care for Premature Neonates; Prematurity, "Monstrosity," and the Social Disability of Bastardy; Contemporary Halakhah and Care of Very Premature Infants; 9 Organ Transplantation and the Brain Death Debate; The Timing of Death before the Invention of "Brain Death"; Heart Transplantation: Initial Responses; The Brain Death Debate in Israel and the Sheep Experiment; Brain Death and Halakhah: A Critical Reflection; Brain Death Criteria: Hybrid or Chimera?
  • 10 Terminal Care and the Ends of LifeSociocultural Background; Action and Inaction in the Face of Death; Toward a Comprehensive Approach to Terminal Care; The Israeli Law on the Patient Nearing Death; Epilogue: Terminal Care and the End of Life; References; Index of Hebrew and Halakhic terms; Subject and Name Index.