Understanding North Korea : Indigenous perspectives / edited by Han Jong-Woo and Jung Tae-hern.

For South Korean scholars, North Korea is a subject of research pregnant with the meaning of survival of the Korean Peninsula. Based on such a unique position, authors in this book raise and address questions such as how long stability will be maintained in the Kim Jong-un regime, who the power elit...

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Other Authors: Han, Jongwoo, 1962- (ditor of compilation.), Chŏng, T'ae-hŏn, 1958-, Kwang-seo, Kee., Keun-sik, Kim., Gee-dong, Lee., Ju-cheol, Lee., Yeon-chul, Kim., Woo-young, Lee., Bo-hyuk, Suh., Gwang-oon, Kim., Jong-seok, Lee., Soo-Ho, Lim., Hee-gwan, Chin., Choo-suk, Suh., Dae-yeol, Yea.
Format: Electronic
Published: Lanham : Lexington Books, 2014.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Historical evolution of North Korea's monolithic political system and its main characteristics
  • The historical origins and formation of the monolithic political system in North Korea / Kee Kwang-seo (Chosun University)
  • The stability of the monolithic system under Kim Jong-un : an analysis / Kim Keun-sik (Kyungnam University) and Lee Gee-dong (Institute for National Security Strategy)
  • The power elite of North Korea's monolithic system / Lee Ju-cheol (Korea Broadcasting System)
  • Change in North Korean society from the view of economic policy and social transformation
  • Potential for economic reform in North Korea / Kim Yeon-chul (Inje University)
  • North Korean economy in transition : market feudalism / Han Jong-woo (Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University)
  • The process of social change in North korea / Lee Woo-young (University of North Korean Studies)
  • North Korea's foreign policy, perception of the United States, and its relations with the United States and China (G2)
  • Surviving in the face of hegemony : North Korea's post-cold war American policy / Suh Bo-hyuk (Seoul National University)
  • The formation and development of North Korea's understanding of the United States / Kim Kwang-un (National Institute of Korean History)
  • The transformation of China-North korea relations and its implications / Lee Jong-seok (Sejong Institute)
  • Twenty years of the North Korean nuclearization problem : the North Korean perspective / Lim Soo-ho (Samsung Economic Research Institute)
  • The inter-Korean relationship, United STates and North East Asia
  • Change in North Korea's policy toward South Korea and its implications / Chin Hee-gwan (Inje University)
  • Understanding conflict on the Korean peninsula : a focus on the Yellow Sea incident / Suh Choo-suk (Korea Institute for Defense Analyses)
  • Economic cooperation between the two Koreas : present and future / Kim Yeon-chul (Inje University)
  • The irony of American policy toward North Korea : regime denial / Han Jong-woo (Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, Kyung Hee University)
  • Conclusion.
  • Appendix 1: North Korea at a Glance; Appendix 2: North Korean Population; Appendix 3: Reunions of Separated Families; Appendix 4: North Korea's Underground Resources; Appendix 5: North Korea's Trading Nations (Unit: 1 million) ; Appendix 6: South Korea and North Korea Side-by-Side Comparison; Appendix 7: Ten Years of the North Korean Economy Under Kim Jong-il; Appendix 8: Chronology of Major Economic and Legal Policies in North Korea; Appendix 9: North-South Personal and Material Exchange by Year; Appendix 10: North-South Economic Exchange. Appendix 11: Economic Development in Gaeseong Industrial ComplexAppendix 12: TSR TCP Map; Appendix 13: North-South Korea Talks; Appendix 14: North-South Korea Statements; Appendix 15: North Korean Proposals for a Peace Agreement; Appendix 16: Major Chronology of North Korea's Nuclear and Missile Tests; Appendix 17: North Korea-US Statements; Appendix 18: Chronology of Six-Party Talks.