Jews and Christians in the First and Second Centuries : How to Write Their History.

The papers in this volume are organized around the ambition to reboot the writing of history about Jews and Christians in the first two centuries CE. There are three focal points: (1) the varieties of Jewish and Christian expression in late Second Temple times, (2) the socio-economic, military, and...

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Other Authors: Tomson, Peter J., 1948-, Schwartz, Joshua
Format: eBook
Published: Leiden : BRILL, 2014.
Series:Compendia rerum Iudaicarum ad Novum Testamentum ; Volume 13.
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Table of Contents:
  • List of Contributors; Introduction (Tomson and Schwartz); Part 1. Varieties of Judaism and Christianity in Late Second Temple Times; How Later Contexts Affect Pauline Content, or: Retrospect is the Mother of Anachronism (Fredriksen); Flourishing before the Crisis: Mapping Judaean Society in the First Century CE (Regev); The Carabas Affair (in Flacc 36-39): An Incident Emblematic of Philo's Political Philosophy (Decharneux); Chapter 4. The Jewishness of Jude-James-Hebrews in Light of Purity (van de Sandt); Part 2. The Period of the Revolts 66-135CE.
  • Chapter 5. Animal Sacrifice and Political Identity in Rome and Judaea (Rives)Chapter 6. Why Did Judaeans Go to War with Rome in 66-67CE? Realist-Regional Perspectives (Mason); Chapter 7. 'Men Casually Armed against Fully Equipped Regulars': The Roman Military Response to Jewish Insurgence 63BCE-135CE (Goldsworthy); Chapter 8. Yavne Revisited: Jewish 'Survival' in the Wake of the War of Destruction (Schwartz); Chapter 9. The Destruction of the Temple and the Conformation of Judaism and Christianity (Overman).
  • Chapter 10. Socio-Economic and Cultural Developments in the Galilee from the Late First to the Early Third Century ce (Safrai)Part 3. Post-Revolt Jewish and Christian Identities; Chapter 11. 'Jews' and 'Christians' in the Eyes of Roman Authors c. 100CE (Barclay); Chapter 12. The Fiscus Judaicus: Its Social and Legal Impact and a Possible Relation with Josephus' Antiquities (Heemstra); Chapter 13. The Didache, Matthew, and Barnabas as Sources for Early Second Century Jewish and Christian History (Tomson).
  • Chapter 14. Beyond Naming: Laws of Minim in Tannaic Literature and the Early Rabbinic Discourse of Minut (Schremer)Chapter 15. The Rule of the Martian in the Ancient Diaspora: Celsus and His Jew (Baumgarten); Chapter 16. Yetser Ha-Ra and Daimones: A Shared Ancient Jewish and Christian Discourse (Rosen-Zvi); Abbreviations; Bibliography; Index of Ancient Sources; Index of Names.