Strengthening road safety legislation : a practice and resource manual for countries / World Health Organization.

This manual describes methods and resources for practitioners and decision-makers to use for enacting new laws or regulations or amending existing ones as part of a comprehensive road safety strategy. The manual covers steps to be taken to address five main risk factors and post-crash care. It can t...

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Published: Geneva, Switzerland : World Health Organization, [2013]
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Contents; Acknowledgements; Introduction; CHAPTER 1 A legal framework for road safety laws and regulations; 1.1 laws and regulations relevant to road safety; 1.2 Factors that influence legislative action on road safety; 1.2.1 Recent trends in injuries and fatalities; 1.2.2 Social norms and values; 1.2.3 Financial, human and other resources; 1.3 Influence of different sectors on road safety laws and regulations; 1.4 Importance of timing in bringing about change; 1.5 Resources for bringing about change; 1.6 References; CHAPTER 2 Assessing and improving laws and regulations
  • 2.1 Conducting an institutional assessment 2.2 Reviewing national laws and regulations; 2.3 Assessing the gaps in laws and regulations; 2.4 Improving the comprehensiveness of laws and regulations; 2.4.1 Ensure that laws and regulations are based on evidence; 2.4.2 Ensure that laws and regulations include appropriate provisions for enforcement; 2.4.3 Ensure that laws and regulations include appropriate penalties; 2.5 References; CHAPTER 3 Practice and resources; 3.1 Improving the comprehensiveness of laws relating to specific risk factors; 3.1.1 Speed; 3.1.2 Drink-driving
  • 3.1.3 Motorcycle helmets 3.1.4 Seat-belts; 3.1.5 Child restraints; 3.2 Improving the comprehensiveness of laws relevant to post-crash care; 3.2.1 Conduct a rapid assessment of the trauma care system; 3.2.2 Ensure a comprehensive regulatory and legislative framework for post crash care; 3.3 References; CHAPTER 4 Advocating for legislative and regulatory change; 4.1 Identify the issue to be addressed; 4.2 Set advocacy goals and objectives; 4.3 Know the political landscape; 4.3.1 Understand the legislative (or regulatory) process; 4.3.2 Map stakeholders; 4.4 Design and convey effective messages
  • 4.5 Cultivate policy champions, and build strong partnerships 4.6 Create an action plan, implement and monitor progress; 4.7 References; Conclusion; ANNEX OF LAWS; Annex of laws; A.1 Speed; The Traffic Act, Chapter 403; The Traffic Act, Chapter 403 Section 43- Penalties in relation to speed, as amended by The Traffic (Amendment) (No.2) Act, 2012; A.2 Drink-driving; The motor Vehicles Act of 1988; A.3 Motorcycle helmets; Decree on Regulations on Penalty settlement of Administrative Violation in the field of Road Traffic; A.4 Seat-belts; Road Traffic Act, Sections 43A and 43B
  • A.5 Post-crash care A.5.a Duty to provide assistance in road traffic crashes; A.5.b 'Good Samaritan' laws; A.5.c Ambulance services; A.5.d First-aid training; A.5.e Duty to provide emergency stabilization services; A.5.f Victims' Compensation.; References