Differential equations and numerical mathematics : selected papers presented to a national conference held in Novosibirsk, September 1978 / edited by G.I. Marchuk.

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Other Authors: Marchuk, G. I.
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Published: Oxford ; New York : Pergamon Press, ©1982.
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245 0 0 |a Differential equations and numerical mathematics :  |b selected papers presented to a national conference held in Novosibirsk, September 1978 /  |c edited by G.I. Marchuk. 
260 |a Oxford ;  |a New York :  |b Pergamon Press,  |c ©1982. 
300 |a 1 online resource (165 pages) 
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504 |a Includes bibliographical references. 
588 0 |a Print version record. 
505 0 |a Front Cover; Differential Equations and Numerical Mathematics; Copyright Page; Preface; Table of Contents; SECTION A: Cubature Formulae and Functional Analysis; CHAPTER 1. On an analogue of Plancherel's theorem and on the qualitative character of the spectrum of a self-adjoint operator; References; References; CHAPTER 2. Self-adjoint operators in spaces of functions of an infinite number of variables; CHAPTER 3. Multidimensional non-linear spectral boundary value problems and soliton superposition of their asymptotic solutions; 1. A non-linear spectral boundary value problem of Steklov type. 
505 8 |a 2. Asymptotic complex-valued solutions, concentrated in the neighbourhood of closed geodesies3. ""Non-linear superposition"" of asymptotic solutions, multidimensional Dirichlet series and real-valued asymptotic solutions; 4. Example; 5. Problem of reflection from a boundary and finite-gap almost periodic solutions; References; CHAPTER 4. Réduction de la dimension dans un probléme de contrôle optimal; Introduction; 1. Position du probléme; 2. Enonce du résultat; 3. Bornes supérieures; 4. Dualité; 5. Bornes inférieures; Références. 
505 8 |a CHAPTER 5. Embedding theorems for a class of weight spaces and applicationsReferences; CHAPTER 6. Theory of multipliers in spaces of differentiable functions and applications; 1. Notation; 2. The description and properties of multiplier spaces; 3. Traces and extensions of multipliers on Wl p; 4. The space M(Mmp₂!Wl q); 5. Diffeomorphisms, manifolds and differential operators, connected with MWip; 6. Continuity of the convolution transformation in L2 with a weight; References; SECTION B: Differential Equations; CHAPTER 7. On the roots of Euler polynomials; 1. Introduction. 
505 8 |6 880-01  |a 2. The second problem we should like to consider is the investigation of the decay and rise of vorticity in a moving continuous mediumReferences; CHAPTER 9. On the solvability of the Sturm-Liouville inverse problem on the entire line; 1. Solution of the inverse problem on the entire line by a spectral matrix function; 2. Application to the Korteveg-de Vries equation; References; CHAPTER 10. Asymptotic properties of solutions of partial differential equations; References; CHAPTER 11. Boundary value problems for weakly elliptic systems of differential equations; References. 
500 |a SECTION C: Numerical Mathematics. 
520 |a Differential Equations and Numerical Mathematics contains selected papers presented in a national conference held in Novosibirsk on September 1978. This book, as the conference, is organized into three sections. Section A describes the modern theory of efficient cubature formulas; embedding theorems; and problems of spectral analysis. Section B considers the theoretical questions of partial differential equations, with emphasis on hyperbolic equations and systems, formulations, and methods for nonclassical problems of mathematical physics. Section C addresses the various problems of numerical. 
650 0 |a Differential equations. 
650 0 |a Numerical analysis. 
650 0 |a Functional analysis. 
650 7 |a MATHEMATICS  |x Calculus.  |2 bisacsh 
650 7 |a MATHEMATICS  |x Mathematical Analysis.  |2 bisacsh 
650 7 |a Differential equations  |2 fast 
650 7 |a Functional analysis  |2 fast 
650 7 |a Numerical analysis  |2 fast 
700 1 |a Marchuk, G. I. 
758 |i has work:  |a Differential equations and numerical mathematics (Text)  |1 https://id.oclc.org/worldcat/entity/E39PCGYpVwYqk6CQR3FH7qVFYX  |4 https://id.oclc.org/worldcat/ontology/hasWork 
776 0 8 |i Print version:  |a Marchuk, G.I.  |t Differential Equations and Numerical Mathematics : Selected Papers Presented to a National Conference Held in Novosibirsk, September 1978.  |d Oxford ; New York : Pergamon Press, ©1982  |z 9780080264912 
856 4 0 |u https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/holycrosscollege-ebooks/detail.action?docID=1901292  |y Click for online access 
880 8 |6 505-01/(S  |a 2. The second asymptotic formula3. The domain of validity of formula II; 4. The magnitude of qlIj{k) and the error for large values of q; 5. The first asymptotic formula; 6. Estimation of ζ; 7. The estimation of Σ1; 8. The estimation of Σ2; 9. The estimation of the error of formula I; 10. The estimation of the length of productive intervals for q = 0(k-1/2); References; CHAPTER 8. On certain mathematical problems in hydrodynamics; 1. On the approximation of solenoidal vector fields. 
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