Biblical Studies, Theology, Religion and Philosophy : an Introduction for African Universities.

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Main Author: Amanze, N.
Format: eBook
Published: Oxford : Zapf Chancery Publishers Africa Ltd., 2012.
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100 1 |a Amanze, N. 
245 1 0 |a Biblical Studies, Theology, Religion and Philosophy :  |b an Introduction for African Universities. 
260 |a Oxford :  |b Zapf Chancery Publishers Africa Ltd.,  |c 2012. 
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505 0 |a Cover; Title page; Copyright page; Acknowledgements; Contents; Introduction; Part One: Biblical Studies; CHAPTER ONE -- The Bible: A History of Interpretation and Methods; CHAPTER TWO -- An Overview of the Old Testament; CHAPTER THREE -- Major Theological Themes in the Old Testament; CHAPTER FOUR -- A Survey of the New Testament; CHAPTER FIVE -- Major Themes in the New Testament; CHAPTER SIX -- Religion, Race, Gender and Identity; CHAPTER SEVEN -- Reading and Understanding the Bible as an African; Part Two: Theology; CHAPTER EIGHT -- Introduction to Christian Theology: Its Tasks and Methods. 
505 8 |a CHAPTER NINE -- African Theology: A Contextual Analysis of ZimbabweCHAPTER TEN -- The Role of Liberation Theology in the Post-Independent Africa and the World in the 21st Century; CHAPTER ELEVEN -- Major Themes in Black Theology; CHAPTER TWELVE -- What's in a Name?; CHAPTER THIRTEEN -- The Theology of the African Independent Churches in Southern Africa: The Case of Botswana; Part Three: Theology Studies; CHAPTER FOURTEEN -- Introduction to Religious Studies; CHAPTER FIFTEEN -- Phenomenology of Religion; CHAPTER SIXTEEN -- African Traditional Religion in Contemporary Africa: Challenges and Prospects. 
505 8 |a CHAPTER SEVENTEEN -- Christianity in Africa in the 20th CenturyCHAPTER EIGHTEEN -- Africa's Muslims: Expressing their Religious Identity; CHAPTER NINETEEN -- Hinduism and Buddhism: An Introduction; Part Four: Philosophy; CHAPTER TWENTY -- A General Introduction to Philosophy: Its Tasks and Methods; CHAPTER TWENTY ONE -- Logic, Critical Thinking and Science; CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO -- Introduction to Epistemology; CHAPTER TWENTY THREE -- African Philosophy; CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR -- Moral Theories; CHAPTER TWENTY FIVE -- Applied Ethics; CHAPTER TWENTY SIX -- Philosophical Metaphysics in Africa; Bibliography. 
505 8 |a ContributorsIndex of Personal Names; Index of Subjects; Back cover. 
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776 0 8 |i Print version:  |a Amanze, N.  |t Biblical Studies, Theology, Religion and Philosophy : An Introduction for African Universities.  |d Oxford : Zapf Chancery Publishers Africa Ltd., ©2012  |z 9789966734129 
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