Materials Science of Polymers : Plastics, Rubber, Blends, and Composites / edited by A.K. Haghi, PhD ; Eduardo A. Castro, PhD ; Sabu Thomas, PhD ; P.M. Sivakumar, PhD ; and Andrew G. Mercader, PhD.

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Other Authors: Castro, E. A. (Eduardo Alberto), 1944- (Editor), Haghi, A. K. (Editor), Thomas, Sabu (Editor), Sivakumar, P. M. (Editor), Mercader, Andrew G. (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Boca Raton, FL : Oakville, ON : CRC Press LLC ; Apple Academic Press, [2015]
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. A detailed review on characteristics, application and limitation of amorphous glassy polymers as natural nanocomposites / G.V. Kozlov, I.V. Dolbin, Jozef Richert, O.V. Stoyanov, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 2. Structure of graphitic carbons : a comprehensive review / Heinrich Badenhorst
  • 3. Radiation crosslinking of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber / Katarzyna Bandzierz, Dariusz M. Bielinski, Adrian Korycki, and Grazyna Przybytniak
  • 4. Rubber vulcanizates containing plasmochemically modified fillers / Dariusz M. Bieliński, Mariusz Siciński, Jacek Grams, and Michał Wiatrowski
  • 5. Modification of the Indian rubber in the form of latex with ozone / L.A. Vlasova, P.T. Poluektov, S.S. Nikulin, and V.M. Misin
  • 6. Influence of the structure of polymer material on modification of the surface layer of iron counterface in tribological contact / Dariusz M. Bieliński, Mariusz Siciński, Jacek Grams, and Michał Wiatrowski
  • 7. Boron oxide as a fluxing agent for silicone rubber-based ceramizable composites / R. Anyszka, D.M. Bieliński, and Z. Pe̜dzich
  • 8. Application of micro-dispersed silicon carbide along wit slurries as a functional fin fire and heat resistant elastomer compositions / V.S. Liphonav, V.F. Kablov, S.V. Lapin, V.G. Kochetkov, O.M. Novopoltseva, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 9. Thermal stability of elastic polyurethane / I.A. Novakov, M.A. Vaniev, D.V. Medvedev, N.V. Sidorenko, G.V. Medvedev, and D.O. Gusev
  • 10. PAN/Nano-TiO[subscript 2]-S composites : physico-chemical properties / M.M. Yatsyshyn, A.S. Kun'ko, and O.V. Reshetnyak
  • 11. Viscoelastic properties of the polystyrene / Yu G. Medvedevskikh, O. Yu. Khavunko, L.I. Bazylyak, and G.E. Zaikov
  • 12. Nanostructured polymeric composites filled with nanoparticles / A.K. Mikitaev, A. Yu. Bedanokov, and M.A. Mikitaev
  • 13. Structure, properties and application of dendritic macromolecules in various fields : molecular simulation techniques in hyperbranched polymer and dendrimers / M. Hasanzadeh and B. Hadavi Moghadam
  • 14. A study on influence of electrospinning parameters on the contact angle of the electrospun PAN nanofiber mat using response surface methodology (RSM) and artificial neural network (ANN) / B. Hadavi Moghadam and M. Hasanzadeh
  • 15. Fabrication and characterization of the metal nano-sized branched structures and the composite nanostructures, grown on insulator substrates by the EBID process / Guoqiang Xie, Minghui Song, Kazuo Furuya, and Akihisa Inoue
  • 16. A case study on hyperbranched polymers / Ramin Mahmoodi, Tahereh Dodel, Tahereh Moieni, and Mahdi Hasanzadeh
  • 17. A study on network of sodium hyaluronate with nano-knots junctions / Shin-ichi Hamaguchi and Toyoko Imae
  • 18. The magnet of photocatalyst conversion to the magnetic dye-adsorbent catalyst via hydrothermal followed by typical washing and thermal treatments / Satyajit Shukla
  • 19. Solid polymer fuel cell : a three-dimensional computation model and numerical simulations / Mirkazem Yekani, Meysam Masoodi, Nima Ahmadi, Mohamad Sadeghi Azad, and Khodadad Vahedi.