Judah and the Judeans in the Achaemenid Period : Negotiating Identity in an International Context.

"In April, 2008, an international colloquium was held at the University of Heidelberg--the fourth convocation of a group of scholars (with some rotating members) who gathered to discuss the status of Judah and the Judeans in the exilic and postexilic periods. The goal of this gathering was spec...

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Main Author: Lipschits, Oded.
Other Authors: Knoppers, Gary N., Oeming, Manfred.
Format: Electronic
Published: Winona Lake : Eisenbrauns, 2014.
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Table of Contents:
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Abbreviations
  • Negotiating Identity: Diversity within the Biblical Evidence
  • Judean Identity and Ecumenicity: The Political Theology of the Priestly Document
  • Torah and Identity in the Persian Period
  • The Absent Presence: Cultural Responses to Persian Presence in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Ethnicity and Identity in Isaiah 56-66
  • Trito-Isaiah's Intra-and Internationalization: Identity Markers in the Second Temple Period
  • From Ezekiel to Ezra-Nehemiah: Shifts of Group Identities within Babylonian Exilic Ideology
  • Israel's Identity and the Threat of the Nations in the Persian Period
  • The Rite of Separation of the Foreign Wives in Ezra-Nehemiah
  • The Holy Seed: The Significance of Endogamous Boundaries and Their Transgression in Ezra 9-10
  • What Do Priests and Kings Have in Common? Priestly and Royal Succession Narratives in the Achaemenid Era
  • Negotiating Identity: Cultural, Historical, Social, and Environmental Factors
  • Yahwistic Names in Light of Late Babylonian Onomastics
  • "Judean": A Special Status in Neo-Babylonian and Achemenid Babylonia?
  • Some Observations on the Traditions Surrounding "Israel in Egypt"
  • Judean Identity in Elephantine: Everyday Life according to the Ostraca
  • The Interaction of Egyptian and Aramaic Literature
  • Yehudite Identity in Elephantine
  • Judean Ambassadors and the Making of Jewish Identity: The Case of Hananiah, Ezra, and Nehemiah
  • Negotiating Identity in an International Context under Achaemenid Rule: The Indigenous Coinages of Persian-Period Palestine as an Allegory
  • Judaeans, Jews, Children of Abraham
  • The Controversy about Judean versus Israelite Identity and the Persian Government: A New Interpretation of the Bagoses Story (Jewish Antiquities XI.297-301)Surviving in an Imperial Context: Foreign Military Service and Judean Identity
  • Ê?el-mÄ?dînÃØ Ã"mÄ?dînÃØ kiktÄ?bÄ?h: Scribes and Scripts in Yehud and in Achaemenid Transeuphratene
  • Jewish Identity in the Eastern Diaspora in Light of the Book of Tobit
  • The Identity of the Idumeans Based on the Archaeological Evidence from Maresha
  • Index of Authors
  • Index of Scripture