Experimenting on a small planet : a history of scientific discoveries, a future of climate change and global warming / William W. Hay.

This book is a thorough introduction to climate science and global change. The author is a geologist who has spent much of his life investigating the climate of Earth from a time when it was warm and dinosaurs roamed the land, to today's changing climate. Bill Hay takes you on a journey to unde...

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Main Author: Hay, William W., 1934-2022 (Author)
Format: Electronic
Published: Switzerland : Springer, 2016.
Edition:Second edition.
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Intermezzo I.A Slightly Unusual Family
  • The Language Of Science
  • Intermezzo II. Undergraduate study
  • Applying Mathematics to Problems
  • Intermezzo III. Graduate study
  • Geologic Time
  • Intermezzo IV. Graduate study II
  • Putting Numbers On Geologic Ages
  • Intermezzo V.A Postdoctoral Year in Switzerland
  • and Europe
  • I
  • Documenting Past Climate Change
  • Intermezzo VI. A Postdoctoral Year in Switzerland
  • and Europe
  • II
  • The Nature Of Energy Received From The Sun
  • The Analogies With Water Waves And Sound
  • Intermezzo VII. New Horizons and the Berlin Wall
  • The Nature Of Energy Received From The Sun
  • Figuring Out What Light Really Is
  • The Academic Life
  • Exploring The Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Intermezzo IX. Back and Forth through the Iron Curtain
  • The Origins Of Climate Science
  • The Idea Of Energy Balance
  • Intermezzo X. Getting used to the East
  • The Climate System
  • Intermezzo XI. The most memorable summer of my life was 1968
  • What's At The Bottom Of Alice's Rabbit Hole
  • Intermezzo XII. Illinois and Miami
  • Energy From The Sun
  • Long-Term Variations
  • Intermezzo XIII The Deep Sea Drilling Project
  • DSDP
  • Solar Variability And Cosmic Rays
  • Intermezzo XIV. A History of the Deep Sea Drilling Project and JOIDES
  • Albedo
  • Intermezzo XV. Internationalization of the Deep Sea Drilling Project
  • Air
  • Intermezzo XVI. The Cretaceous Puzzle
  • HOH
  • The Keystone Of Earth's Climate
  • Intermezzo XVII Becoming a Dean
  • The Atmosphere
  • Intermezzo XVIII Fund Raising
  • Oxygen And Ozone
  • Products And Protectors of Life
  • Intermezzo XIX Building A Building
  • Water Vapor
  • The Major Greenhouse Gas
  • Intermezzo XX An Unexpected Detour
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Intermezzo XXI Course Correction
  • Other Greenhouse Gases
  • Intermezzo XXII. Exciting Times
  • The Coriolis Force
  • Intermezzo XXIII Decision Time
  • The Circulation Of Earth's Atmosphere
  • Intermezzo XXIV: The Zindani Affair
  • The Modern Ocean's General Circulation
  • Intermezzo XXV. The Geological Congress in Moscow
  • 1984
  • The Biological Interactions
  • Intermezzo XXVI Eagle Plume
  • Sea level
  • Intermezzo XXVII Second Sabbatical
  • Global Climate Change
  • The (Geologically) Immediate Past
  • Intermezzo XXVIII European Odyssey I
  • Is There An Analog For The Future Climate?- Intermezzo XXIX European Odyssey II
  • The Instrumental Temperature Record
  • Intermezzo XXX European Odyssey III
  • The Near Future
  • Intermezzo XXXI Retirement
  • The Distant Future
  • Intermezzo XXXII.