Table of Contents:
  • Wissenschaft des Judentums in Hungary: An Introduction ; Testimonies ; The Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest and Oriental Studies in Hungary ; The Rabbinical Seminary and the War Years. An Interview with Chief Rabbi József Schweitzer.
  • Was R. Saadia Gaon's Arabic Translation of the Pentateuch Meant for Muslims Too? Elective Affinities ; From Talmud Torah to Oriental Studies: Itineraries of Rabbinical Students in Hungary.
  • Scholarship and Patriotism: Research on the History of Hungarian Jewry and the Rabbinical Seminary of Hungary-the First Decades Suspension Bridge of Confidence: Folklore Studies in Jewish-Hungarian Scholarship ; Transnational Connections.
  • Beyond the Classroom: The Enduring Relationship between Heinrich L. Fleischer and Ignaz Goldziher Connecting Centers of Wissenschaft des Judentums: David Kaufmann in Budapest, 1877-1899 ; The International Context of Samuel Krauss's Scholarship: Network Connections between East and West.
  • Figures Re-Orientalism ; From Geiger to Goldziher: Historical Method and its Impact on the Conception of Islam ; Academic Religion: Goldziher as a Scholar and a Jew ; From Bacher to Telegdi: The Lure of Iran in Jewish Studies ; Untrodden Paths.