Evolving enactivism : basic minds meet content / Daniel D. Hutto and Erik Myin.

Evolving Enactivism" argues that cognitive phenomena - perceiving, imagining, remembering -- can be best explained in terms of an interface between contentless and content-involving forms of cognition. Building on their earlier book Radicalizing Enactivism, which proposes that there can be form...

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Main Authors: Hutto, Daniel D. (Author), Myin, Erik (Author)
Format: Electronic
Published: Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, [2017]
Series:MIT Press Ser.
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; 1 Revolution in Mind?; E Is the Word; Old School Cognitivism; Degrees of Radicality; With and without Content; Naturalist Rules of Engagement; 2 Reasons to REConceive; Equal Partners; Continuity and Break; Less Can Be More; A Radical REConceiving; Handling the Hard Problem; 3 From Revolution to Evolution; REC's Positive Program; A Certain Take on Predictive Processing; Bootstrap Heaven or Hell?; 4 RECtifying and REConnecting; RECtifying; Making Sense of Sense Making; Keeping Affordances Affordable; REConnecting.
  • 5 Ur-Intentionality: What's It All About?Getting to the Bottom of Intentionality; Ur-Intentionality: The Natural Explanation; Objects and Objections; 6 Continuity: Kinks Not Breaks; Getting Radical about the Origins of Content; REC's Fatal Dilemma?; Evolutionary Discontinuity?; Kinky Cognition: A Sketch of a Possible Story; 7 Perceiving; Out of the Armchair; Once More unto the Predictive Breach; Integration and Interface; Basic Perceiving Meets Content; 8 Imagining; Beyond REC's Reach; Trouble in Mind! Imagine That; A Hybrid, Pluralist Solution: Two Takes.