Enoch from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Volume I, Sources from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. / John C. Reeves and Anette Yoshiko Reed.

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Main Authors: Reeves, John C. (Author), Reed, Annette Yoshiko, 1973- (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: Oxford ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018.
Edition:First edition.
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Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Enoch from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, Volume I: Sources from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; Copyright; Preface; Contents; Introduction; Recovering the Enochic Library; Tradition and Transmission; Historical and Cultural Contexts; 1. Stock Epithets and Cross-Cultural Cognomens; Epithets Seventh Righteous ;Scribe of Righteousness;The Lord's Messiah ; Portraits of Enoch; 2. Enoch as Culture Hero: What Enoch Discovered, Learned, Taught, and Wrote; Enoch's Curriculum Vitae; Enoch as Purveyor of Star-Lore and Calendar Reckoning
  • Enoch as Savant of Cosmological ArcanaEnoch as Inventor of Writing or Contributor to Book Culture; Enoch as Haberdasher; Weights and Measures; Medical Lore; 3. Enoch's Roles in Human Society; Enoch as Teacher; Enoch as Prophet; Enoch as Authority on Religion and Its Practices; Enoch as Ruler/Lawgiver; Enoch as Builder; Enoch as Warior; Enoch as Legatee of Yared; Enoch as Hermit; Enoch as Sorcerer's Apprentice; Enoch as Funeral Director; 4. Enoch's Interactions with Angels; Enoch as a Confidant and Apprentice of Angels; Enoch Wields Angel-Like Power
  • Enoch Bears Witness against the WatchersEnoch/Metatron/Idrīs Mediates betwen Heaven and Displaced Angels; Enoch/Idrīs and the Angel of the Sun; Enoch Encounters the Angel of Death; Excursus: Maaseh R. Joshua b. Levi and Enochic Lore; 5. Enoch's Escape from Death; Enoch Is Taken Alive to Gan Eden or the (Eastern?) Ends of the Earth; Enoch Is Taken Alive to Heaven/Paradise; Enoch/Idrīs Is Raised to the Fourth Heaven; Enoch/Idrīs/Metatron Is Raised to the Sixth Heaven; Enoch/Hermes/Idrīs/Metatron Is Raised to the Seventh Heaven; Enoch Serves There as Witness or Recording Scribe
  • Enoch Administers Celestial Treasuries and StorehousesEnoch as Leader of the Angels; Enoch Returns with Elijah at the Eschaton; 6. Enoch's Association or Equation with Other Figures; Enoch as the Angel Metatron; Excursus: Passages Featuring Metatron as the "Leser YHW(H)"; Enoch/Idrīs as Graeco-Egyptian Hermes/Thoth; Enoch as Idrīs; Enoch/Hermes/Idrīs as Hōshang; Enoch as the Reincarnation Adam; Enoch as Flood-Hero?; 7. The Books of Enoch and their Reputation; Evaluated Positively or Neutrally; if Idrīs and Sunan Idrīs; Evaluated Negatively; Bibliography
  • Index of CitationsIndex of Scriptural and Parascriptural Characters; Index of Angels, Deities, Demons, Epic, and Mythological Characters; Index of Ancient and Medieval Scholars, Teachers, Authors, and Tradents; Index of Ancient and Medieval Book or Story Titles; Index of Modern Authors