Philosophy for Life : Applying Philosophy in Politics and Culture.

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Main Author: Read, Rupert
Other Authors: Lavery, M. A.
Format: eBook
Published: London : Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2007.
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100 1 |a Read, Rupert. 
245 1 0 |a Philosophy for Life :  |b Applying Philosophy in Politics and Culture. 
260 |a London :  |b Bloomsbury Publishing PLC,  |c 2007. 
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505 0 |a Cover; Contents; Acknowledgements; Editorâ#x80;#x99;s Introduction; I: Environment; Editorâ#x80;#x99;s Introduction; Chapter One: We Are Part of Our Ecosystem; Chapter Two: The Cost of Growth: Climate Change, Crisis, and Chaos; II: Religion; Editorâ#x80;#x99;s Introduction; Chapter Three: Religion Without Belief: the Example of Quakerismâ#x80;#x99;s Political â#x80;#x98;Consequencesâ#x80;#x99;; Chapter Four: Which is Worse: Death or Dying?; Chapter Five: (How) Is Forgiveness Possible?; III: Politics; Editorâ#x80;#x99;s Introduction; Chapter Six: How I Learned to Love Noam Chomsky; Chapter Seven: Rings, Power, Fear and Politics; IV: Art. 
500 |a Editorâ#x80;#x99;s IntroductionChapter Eight: Eliot for Artâ#x80;#x99;s Sake (or: The Ideal of an â#x80;#x98;Actual Artâ#x80;#x99;); Conclusion: Philosophy for Life; Further Reading; Notes; Bibliography; Index; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; R; S; T; U; W. 
650 0 |a Ethics. 
650 0 |a Conduct of life. 
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650 7 |a Conduct of life  |2 fast 
650 7 |a Ethics  |2 fast 
700 1 |a Lavery, M. A. 
776 0 8 |i Print version:  |a Read, Rupert.  |t Philosophy for Life : Applying Philosophy in Politics and Culture.  |d London : Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, ©2007  |z 9780826495600 
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