The Works of Ibn Wāḍiḥ Al-Yaʿqūbī (Volume 2) An English Translation.

The Works of Ibn Wāḍiḥ al-Yaʿqūbī , a three volume set, contains a fully annotated translation of the extant writings of Abū al-ʿAbbās al-Yaʿqūbī, a Muslim imperial official and polymath of the third/ninth century, along with an introduction to these works and a biographical sketch of their...

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Main Author: Gordon, Matthew S.
Other Authors: Robinson, Chase F., Rowson, Everett K., Fishbein, Michael.
Format: Electronic
Published: Boston : BRILL, 2017.
Series:IHC 152 - the Works of Ibn Wāḍiḥ Al-Yaʿqūbī Ser.
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Table of Contents:
  • Intro; ‎Contents; ‎The History (Taʼrīkh) Adam to Pre-Islamic Arabia; ‎Seth, the Son of Adam; ‎Enosh, the Son of Seth; ‎Kenan, the Son of Enosh; ‎Mahalalel, the Son of Kenan; ‎Jared, the Son of Mahalalel; ‎Enoch, the Son of Jared; ‎Methuselah, the Son of Enoch; ‎Lamech, the Son of Methusaleh; ‎Noah; ‎Shem, the Son of Noah; ‎Arpachshad, the Son of Shem; ‎Shelah, the Son of Arpachshad; ‎Eber, the Son of Shelah; ‎Peleg, the Son of Eber; ‎Reu, the Son of Peleg; ‎Serug, the Son of Reu; ‎Nahor, the Son of Serug; ‎Terah, the Son of Nahor; ‎Abraham; ‎Isaac, the Son of Abraham; ‎Jacob, the Son of Isaac
  • ‎The Offspring of Jacob‎Moses, the Son of Amram; ‎The Prophets and Kings of the Israelites after Moses; ‎David; ‎Solomon, the Son of David; ‎Rehoboam, the Son of Solomon, and the Kings after Him; ‎The Messiah, Jesus, the Son of Mary; ‎The Kings of the Syrians; ‎The Kings of Mosul and Nineveh; ‎The Kings of Babel; ‎The Kings of India; ‎The Ancient Greeks; ‎The Kings of the Greeks and the Romans; ‎The Kings of the Romans; ‎The Roman Kings Who Became Christian; ‎The Kings of Persia; ‎The Second Kingdom: From Ardashīr Bābakān; ‎The Kingdoms of the North; ‎The Kings of China
  • ‎The Coptic and Other Kings of Egypt‎The Kingdoms of the Berbers and the Africans; ‎The Kingdoms of Ethiopia and the Sudan; ‎The Kingdom of the Buja; ‎The Kings of Yemen; ‎The Kings of Syria; ‎The Yemenite Kings of al-Ḥīra; ‎The War of Kinda; ‎The Descendants of Ismāʿīl b. Ibrāhīm; ‎The Religions of the Arabs; ‎The Arbitrators of the Arabs; ‎Arab Divination; ‎The Poets of the Arabs; ‎The Fairs of the Arabs