Table of Contents:
  • Cover; Half Title Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Contents; Foreword; Preface; Notes of Transliteration; CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION; CHAPTER TWO: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF AL-MUTANABBĪ; The Historical Background; The Early Life of Al-Mutanabbī; His Patrons and Later Life; Works on al-Mutanabbī; CHAPTER THREE: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PSYCHOLOGY AND POETRY; CHAPTER FOUR: THE MAJOR THEORIES OF HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY; The Horneyan Theory; The Maslovian Theory; The Rogerian Theory; The Application of the Humanistic Theories to Al-Mutanabbī's Poetry.
  • CHAPTER FIVE: AL-MUTANABBĪ AND SAYF AL-DAWLAH: A MASLOVIAN APPROACHThe Search for Safety; The Needs of Belonging and Affection; The Need for Self-Esteem; The Quest for Self-Actualization; A Self-Actualizer's Love; Creativity and the Self-Actualizing Person; Characteristic of the Self-Actualizing Person; The Estrangement between Al-Mutanabbī and Sayf Al-Dawlah; Conclusion; CHAPTER SIX: AL-MUTANABBĪ AND KĀFŪR: A HORNEYAN PERSPECTIVE; Kāfūr's Patronage of Al-Mutanabbī; Moving Towards People; Moving Against and Away from People; Al-Mutanabbī's Idealized Self-Image; Conclusion.
  • CHAPTER SEVEN: CONCLUSIONBibliography; Index; Back Cover.