The Oxford handbook of the Incas / edited by Sonia Alconini and Alan Covey.

When Spaniards invaded their realm in 1532, the Incas ruled the largest empire of the pre-Columbian Americas. Just over a century earlier, military campaigns began to extend power across a broad swath of the Andean region, bringing local societies into new relationships with colonists and officials...

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Other Authors: Alconini Mujica, Sonia (Editor), Covey, R. Alan, 1974- (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: New York : Oxford University Press, 2018.
Series:Oxford handbooks online.
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Table of Contents:
  • Inca advances into the eastern tropics : the Amazon and Chaco in perspective / Sonia Alconini
  • Rock shrines, ceque lines and pilgrimage in the provinces / Jessica Joyce Christie
  • Heritage tourism and performances of indigeneity in Cuzco / Catherine Covey
  • The spread of Inca power in the Cuzco region / Alan Covey
  • Gender and status in Inca textile and ceramic craft production / Cathy Costin
  • Inca political organization, economic institutions, and infrastructure / Terence N. D'Altroy
  • Making the typical exceptional : the elevation of Inca cuisine / Justin Jennings, Guy Duke
  • Inka state estate and imperial installations in central Bolivia / János Gyarmati, Carola Condarco
  • Inca ancestry and colonial privilege / David Garrett
  • The Inca presence at Pachacamac and the coast of Peru / Peter Eeckhout, Enrique López Hurtado
  • Inca colonial encounters, resistance and incorporation in northern Argentina / Felix Acuto, Ivan Leibowicz
  • The Incas at Tiwanaku and the Titicaca Basin / Jason Yaeger, José María López
  • Cultivating empire : Inca intensive agricultural strategies / Steve Kosiba
  • Inca aesthetics and scholarly inquiry / Adam Herring
  • Cuzco : development of the imperial capital / Ian Farrington
  • Vilcabamba : last stronghold of the Inca / Vincent Lee
  • Fishing economies and ethnic specialization under Inca rule / Amanda Aland
  • Colonial bioarchaeology and demography / Melissa S. Murphy
  • Peregrination and rituality in the southern provinces / Pablo Mignone
  • Andean statecraft before the Incas / Jerry Moore
  • Garments, tocapu, status and identity : Inca and colonial perspectives / Elena Phipps
  • The northern Inca frontier in Ecuador / Dennis Ogburn
  • Writing Inca history : the colonial era / Joanne Pillsbury
  • Northern Chile and the Incas / Calogero Santoro, Mauricio Uribe
  • The development and variation of Inca architecture / Jean-Pierre Protzen
  • The Inca centers of caranqui and tomebamba in the northern highlands of Ecuador / Tamara Bray, José Echeverría
  • Competing ideologies and stakeholders for Inca sites and ceremonies : Machu Picchu and Inti Raymi / Richard Burger, Lucy Salazar
  • Royal estates and imperial centers in the Cusco region / Kylie Quave
  • Inca landscapes of domination : the role of rock art in Aconcagua, Chile / Andrés Troncoso
  • Transformations : Evangelization, resettlement, and community organization in the early viceroyalty of Peru / Steven Wernke
  • Inca transformations in the Chachapoya region / Inge Schjellerup
  • Quipus and yupanas as imperial registers : reckoning and recording in Tahuantinsuyu / Gary Urton
  • The Acllacona and Mitmacona : diet, ethnicity, and status / Bethany Turner-Livermore, Barbara R. Hewitt
  • The iconography and use of Inca and colonial drinking vessels / Mariusz Ziólkowski
  • Inca mining and metal production / Colleen Zori
  • Retracing the intellectual journey of Inca origins / Alan Covey, Sonia Alconini
  • Conclusions : The political economy of royal estates and imperial centers in the heartland and provinces / Sonia Alconini, Alan Covey
  • Conclusion : Reassessing Inca hard power / Alan Covey, Sonia Alconini
  • Conclusions : Inca imperial identities : colonization, resistance and hybridity / Sonia Alconini, Alan Covey
  • Conclusions : Sacred geographies and imperial expansion / Sonia Alconini, Alan Covey
  • Conclusion : Civilizing the Incas / Alan Covey, Sonia Alconini
  • Conclusion / Alan Covey, Sonia Alconini
  • Conclusions : Appropriating the Inca and the complexities of social memory / Sonia Alconini, Alan Covey
  • The sacred geography of cusco / Brian Bauer
  • Inca material culture : national identities, museum collections, and global commodities / Stefanie Gänger
  • Introduction / Sonia Alconini, Alan Covey
  • The Inca center of incallajta in the southeastern andes / Lawrence Coben
  • The Inca state and local ritual landscapes / Zachary James Chase.