Table of Contents:
  • Becoming tourists. Russia's enlightenment travel model: Karamzin, the English, and Italy ; The romantic vacation mentality ; Nationalist worries about tourism: Pogodin, Belinsky, Zagoskin ; Vacationing in the Caucasus: authenticity and the sophisticate/provincial divide
  • Shocks of modernization. Inundating the West after the Crimean War ; Tourist angst: aesthetics, moral imagination, and politics in Tolstoy's Lucerne ; Cosmopolitans, the crowd, and radical killjoys: Turgenev, other writers, and the critics ; Dostoevsky's anti-cosmopolitan animus toward tourism
  • Embourgeoisement and its enemies. The rising tourist tide: foreign travel from winter notes to Anna Karenina ; Anna Karenina and the tourist passion for Italy ; Tatars and the tourist boom in the Crimea: Markov's Sketches of the Crimea and other writings ; Tourist decadence at the fin-de-siècle: Chekhov, Veselitskaya, and other writers.