Equilibrium compound nucleus post-fission theory / Qing-Biao Shen, Ye Tian.

This book proposes and develops the equilibrium compound nucleus post-fission theory, a powerful tool for studying the fission process and making numerical calculations of post-fission nuclear data. It begins with a detailed historical background on fission theory and covers fundamental concepts, su...

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Main Authors: Shen, Qing-Biao (Author), Tian, Ye (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: Cham : Springer, 2023.
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Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1. Development of Fission Theory
  • Chapter 2. Kinematics of Heavy Ion Collisions
  • Chapter 3. Heavy Ion Spherical Optical Model
  • Chapter 4. Hauser-Feshbach Theory for Heavy Ion Reactions
  • Chapter 5. Initial Yield, Kinetic Energy Distribution, and Angular Distribution of Fission Fragments
  • Chapter 6. Compound Nucleus Deexcitation Theory
  • Chapter 7. Fission Prompt Neutrons, Prompt Rays, and Fission Fragment Independent Yield
  • Chapter 8. Fission Fragment Cumulative Yield, Decay Heat, and Final Mass Distribution
  • Chapter 9. Fission Delayed Neutron Simplification Model
  • Chapter 10. Theoretical Method for Calculating the Total Contribution of (n,f),(n,n'f),(n,2nf) Three Fission Channels
  • Chapter 11. Main Steps of Numerical Calculations for Post-Fission Nuclear Data and Conclusion.